Musician and 'DAAbyJBC' designer Mauro Pawlovski wins MIA as best musician
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 12th of December 2011 12:53:17 PM

Hugely talented and cool guitar player Mauro Pawlosvki (he plays with dEUS and does other creative coops as well) just won the MIA as best Belgian musician last night, for which we want to say a big "well done"!

Not only is Mauro a great guiter player, his graphic talents aren't to be underestimated either, as witnessed in the design on the T-shirt he's wearing on this photo, which says 'Wees een heer in het geslachtsverkeer', menaing: 'Be a gentleman when having sex'. By using a condom and not infectting/impregnating ladies everywhere you go, presumably. The T-shirt is part of a limied edition 'DAA by JBC' range that's now for sale in all JBC stores in Belgium, it retails for 17,95 euros and 25% of that benefits Designers against AIDS and our education center IHAEC. Thanks again Mauro, you rule!

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