Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin dare you to be bold. Be Beautiful. Be safe.
Author: Sam Van Praet
Friday 2nd of March 2012 04:09:45 PM


Female rapper Nicki Minaj en singer Ricky Martin are the new faces of the Mac Viva Glam Campaign. With pink lipstick they support the battle against Aids!


Former faces of  MAC’s battle against Aids campaign were Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper. Now Nicki and Ricky both have their own beautyproduct.  Nicki Minaj promotes a scene-stealing pink lipstick  at the price of 18 euro’s, Ricky Martin is the face of a colourless lip conditioner of 15 euros.  Every cent will go the the Viva Glam campaign to support Aids awareness among young people! There is a link between the Viva Glam campaign and DAA, keep checking the site and you’ll find out soon ;)


Check out the celebrities’ view on the campaign in the video! 


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