NU_Fashion #1 at Red Fish Factory
Author: Shykin Veniamin
Monday 11th of June 2012 02:33:10 PM

Last Wednesday evening was one of the most inspiring for me in Antwerp: Ninette proposed to join her to the opening of NU_Fashion #1 at Red Fish Factory.
When we arrived in Borgerhout, this neighborhood looked ininspiring to me but just one turn off the street and I received a shot of creativity.
The place was full of people and many of them looked really creative. First thing I saw was the black room with acid color works by Tom Van der Borght. I should say it was the most inspiring part, but other works were also artistic and creative. Different styles, technique sand installations - from latex to knitwear.
Thanks a lot to the organizers and the fashion artists (including our friends, students from the Art Institute of Chicago and their teacher Anke Loh) for this gorgeous event!


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