Porn Actress Claims To Be HIV Positive And Causes Panic
Author: M. G.
Monday 29th of July 2013 01:13:04 PM

Amateur porn actress Jackie Braxton aka “Fame” has recently improvised in a HIV awareness project – and did a clumsy promotion of herself at the same time. Her campaign consisted of a creepy video in which she claimed being HIV positive and that she had already infected more than 500 men. The 23-year old mother and actress from Detroit spread the panic in minutes, just by posting this video on many websites. Later on, officers from the local Health Department took her in for a HIV test, given the many calls the local police received after the video’s upload. Braxton was found being HIV negative and she admitted publicly that the video was a fake aimed to raise awareness about the AIDS issue and to promote her website as well.

This story sounds so wrong in so many ways and actually, the more I think about it, the more I think this lady was pretty far from being clumsy. I mean, she got the attention she wanted and the officers still don't know whether they can bring any charges on her, since she did not break any law. Plus, Braxton also said this video served a purpose because of all the people queuing up to get tested!


I honestly still have to build a full opinion upon this fact, but I am pretty sure I can hardly consider “Fame” as a colleague of mine when it comes to raising awareness. Reactions of different kinds can be found on the website of the Daily Mail, where you can read both the applause of people that supports any kind of action able to raise HIV awareness and the blame of people who suggest a different kind of testimonials and messages to campaign against HIV.

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