Rihanna And Drake Break Up Because Of Moody Condoms
Author: Mirela Cosic
Tuesday 1st of April 2014 11:17:34 AM

Rumor has it Drake dumped Rihanna for his old girlfriend. The couple only just started dating exclusively and were inseparable ever since. Eventhough nothing was official when it comes to their relationship, they were still dating and sleeping with each other exclusively.

But the latest dish on their break up is that it was because Riri faked an orgasm and lied about it to her boo Drake. After he found out, they got into a fight and she told him she had never faked it when she was with Chris. This comment lead the an explosive argument! It got so heated that bystanders thought that history would repeat itself and that the lovebirds would get physical! Thank god Drake has more brains than that. Riri did make a snarty comment about the situation on



So how could Drake possibly find out? To spice up their sexual life Riri and the Canadian rapper tried out some new, funky and color changing condoms! The color changing condom (link to DAA website) can tell if your partner is having a real orgasm or not. There is no way to fake it anymore ladies! If Riri can’t hide it anymore, neither can you!


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