Safe Sex & Stars & Rock 'n Roll
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 4th of March 2013 05:26:09 PM

French writer Caroline Sauvageot just published her first novel about the music world. The novel 'The Forbidden Floor' is about the life of a rock band and the special relationship with their fans. Through the chapters, you travel from the luxe hotel room to the backstage of a show, or from waiting in the rain in front of the hotel to the craziness of the autograph session. More than  just another book about showbusiness, the autor wanted to sensibilize the readers about the importance of safe sex and wanted to mention the sexuality of young people in a very natural way, something we can't read about too often in literature for a young audience.
You can order the book at your bookshop or online, the links are to be found on the writer's website : and offer 3 chapters to read :

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