Shanti Against Aids In India
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Monday 17th of December 2012 05:52:28 PM

Let us introduce to you: the lovely miss Shanti Dynamite. In this video she addresses an issue as old as the streets: how do you put on a condom. A bit overdone, you say? Maybe in your hometown the banana is a vast part of the sexual education, but in India there are still a lot of people, that mostly live in the rural and remote areas, that don’t have the privilege of learning about sexual transmitted diseases and the importance of using condoms to prevent yourself and your partner from getting infected. That's why Shanti decided to organize her own AIDS Awareness Campaign in Hindi (if you were wondering which language she is speaking in the video…) since it is the main spoken language in India. The importance of this campaign cannot be underestimated. Due to their shortage of a good sex education, a lot of young people endanger their lives by having unprotected sex. This video is an important first step in the right direction and we love to be a part of this campaign. So keep your eyes open for new videos of miss Shanti -plus some other surprises in cooperation with DAA!

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