Super Condoms Might Be Coming Our Way!
Author: Gladys C.K
Friday 22nd of November 2013 03:28:14 PM

As everybody knows, condoms are one of the best and easily accessible methods for safe sex. They've been around for over 400 years; nowadays available in plenty of different shapes, colours and sizes. The only thing that they have yet to achieve is to become 100% unbreakable. Unfortunately, perfection does not exist and it all depends on how much we take care of them so we save ourselves a heart attack afterwards.

A lot of friends tell me they carry their condoms in the wallet, the back pocket of jeans or in a jacket with phone and keys. Beware of doing that!

Science agrees. Since its showcase by Innovation last September, it’s starting to look like the “humble condom” might soon become the “super condom” thanks to a new miracle material called graphene.

Discovered by the scientists behind the Nobel Prize of Physics 2009 Sir Andre Geim and Sir Konstantin Novoselov from Manchester University in UK, graphene is getting a massive attention from the media as it is said it can change the construction and design of everything from tennis rackets to airplanes. Condoms had to be there too, of course.

The materials scientist Dr. Vijayaraghavan, also from Manchester University believes that graphene would be able to not only make the condoms thinner and stronger but also more pleasurable. I’ve got no clue how but it all sounds good to me and so it does for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who provided them with £62,000 to help with the research.

If developed and brought into mass production, this will create a significant increase in protection against unwanted pregnancy and HIV to start with.

Hopes are set so high for this project that they’re planning to open a National Graphene Institute in Manchester during 2015 where they’ll be doing research into this discovery, providing with at least 100 new job opportunities for experts in the field.

Looks like soon our phone screens, planes, chemical sensors and food packaging could be made of the same material as our condoms! Science is great, especially when it can help stopping unwanted pregnancy, abortion and STDs.

In the meantime, store your condoms in a cool dry place, make sure they don’t get creased and check the expiry date. Additionally, if you’re worried about them staring at you from your purse or if you’re a guy and I suppose you don’t carry purses – check out this and this websites for discrete condom cases!

And remember, condoms are important and sometimes can be the only ones to save you from problems you certainly won’t need!



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