Ten Years Since The Murder Of Balkan Legendary Transvestite
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Thursday 11th of April 2013 02:43:31 PM


Ten years ago in Belgrade, on 22 March 2003, transsexual legend of the Balkans Vjeran Miladinović Merlinka was murdered. The person responsible for this crime has still not been caught and punished to this day.

A town legend, star of numerous TV and radio shows but certainly most known by her role in the legendary Serbian trash movie „Marble Ass“, Vjeran (on English- „Faithfull“), was the first Serb to be publicly dressed in women's clothes and openly talk about her sexuality in the media.

In memory of Vjeran Miladinović, the famous International Queer Film Festival held in Belgrade - meant to promote the gay- lesbian rights and to reduce homophobia in Serbian society through the film art - took the name "Merlinka". For this year’s festival, that will take place from 12-16 december in Belgrade’s Youth Center, the organizers are preparing a presentation of Merlinka's autobiography "Tereza’s son” and screening of the movies "Pretty girls are passing through town" and "Marble Ass” in remembrance of her. For this purpose, they invite everyone who knew her personally and who has materials (photos or videos) to assist them in organizing this, by sending it to merlinkafest@gmail.com.

Watch a scene from "Marble Ass" where Merlinka desperately searches her goaty pet, here:

(It is not my favorite scene, but it ’s the only one with English subtitles and I guess Serbian might not be so easy to understand for you guys…)



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