To Sochi Or Not To Sochi? The Art Of The Dictator
Author: M. G.
Monday 20th of January 2014 12:24:59 PM

You can read an extremely interesting piece on the website of Vice magazine about Russia and the Russian LGBT community. The article comes after the amazing documentary ‘Young and Gay in Putin's Russia' previewed on the Vice website last week and now to be seen in it's full version.

What strikes me most is to understand how and why the Russian LGBT community wants Sochi Olympics to be celebrated: they don't want a boycott at all. "We oppose the boycott of the Olympics, because it would hurt the athletes, who then wouldn't be able to participate and also the Russian LGBT community, because they would blame us if anything goes wrong," says Nikolay Alexeyev, a gay activist interviewed by the magazine. Many other activists in Russia are sharing Nikolay's view and the UK based charity Stonewall is supporting this position too: chief executive Ben Summerskill has said "Our partners in Russia are in favour of engagement."

DAA called for a boycott of Sochi Olympics, following Stephen Fry's letter to the International Olympic Committee, because of the contradiction of hosting one of the main events about peace and intercultural dialogue in a country that promotes laws against the human rights.

On the other side, Putin is ready to simply say "For whatever went wrong during the Olympics, just blame the gays!"... and in this case he has real facts to prove his point. The actions and the statements by the international gay community will have effects, we just don't know what kind of effect.

So, what's best now? I personally get confused, I'm not a journalist, I just report my opinions according to what I can find - with my own limits - on the Internet. I now actually understand two positions that contradict themselves.

We actually live in a society where the opposites co-exist and people could find ways to live together, more or less peacefully, even though they have different views. At the same time, the flaw of information is all about giving you a right answer by showing what's wrong and this is even more true with politics. Moreover the information we receive are never pure information, they always have an author, there's always a human being behind the information.

The talent of the dictator is not to control the information but to get you confused through the information. The more you state what's right and what's wrong - that is very different from saying what's real and what's not - the more you will have chaos. The more chaos, the easier the work of the dictator.


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