We All Come Together
Author: M. G.
Friday 7th of February 2014 12:30:15 PM

This Saint Valentine campaign simply rocks! The spot of the campaign was produced by Toast, an award-winning production agency from the UK, for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. Why all this excitement? What's it about? Sex and nothing more than sex.

Do you have fantasies? Do you like kinky stuff? Do you think that sex is far way more amazing than the tons of porn movies produced every year? Yes? Good, it means you know what's being creative is all about. When it comes to sex, you are allowed to go crazy - respecting each other, of course. And let me say also that it's normal, it happens!



Take this video as an anthology of the craziest ways to have sex and then think that these are just a couple of possibilities out of billions. Sex is personal, sex is subjective and yet sex involves always at least one other person. Sex makes people come together.

It sounds a bit rhetoric, I know, but sex is life.



The provocative campaign by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance has been released exclusively to The Independent ahead of its 'for-one-night-only' terrestrial screening on Channel 4 this night. The Director of the External Relations of the agency explained that the main reason of such a raunchy campaign is because accordingly to polls "People, internationally don't care about HIV/AIDS". The spot aims to educate "In a way that is joyful and expresses what we feel about safe sex: that it is something to be enjoyed and something that helps save lives." What is a tiny condom compared to all the risks you take when NOT using one? Play safe, come together and bring great sex to everyone this Valentine Day!






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