69 And A Sudden Apocalypse
Author: Ninette Murk
Tuesday 25th of July 2017 08:26:17 PM

How difficult can it be to find a nice place for an internship? I’m already on page 68 of 104 and still there isn’t anything I want to commit to. Come on Manoesj, keep going. I turn to page 69 (!) and there it is: Designers Against Aids. I go to the website and the first thing I see is “Sex with a bun in the oven”. All right DAA, you got my attention.

After some more research, I decide to go for it. After changing my e-mail five times, I hit send. Two weeks later, it’s time for my interview. There I am, standing in my red dress, ringing the wrong doorbell. Great start, Manoesj!

The ‘interview’ went great in my opinion. Ninette and I talked about my vacation, my study programme abroad and I even got to meet one of the cats! Spooky seems really nice.


Just when I wanted to leave, the weather changed completely. Out of nowhere the rain started pouring down. I guess I’ll take this sudden apocalypse as a good sign? In September I leave for Erasmus. This means that I will be studying abroad for five months! When I return I will start my internship at DAA. I’m pretty sure my last year in college is going to be awesome!


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