'Alaaf' And Goodbye To This Year's Carnaval
Author: Niki Kro
Thursday 14th of February 2013 11:59:47 AM

As a fan of carnaval it's quite depressing that everything is over again now, but luckily I could enjoy it by visiting two Belgian cities, where the two carnavals couldn't be more different. First on Sunday in Aalst, where you could see an endless parade walking through the whole city. And as usual, since I've been a little girl, I'm jealous as hell about the amazing costumes of each group. On the contrary, the carneval in Binche is more traditional. There are only four huge groups dressed up as one of the four traditional carnaval caracters. Eyecatching is the group with big feather headdresses -- so fluffy!. But be aware of flying oranges, if you ever want to go there. To my mind carneval is one of the funniest times of the year and it should be officially set as the year's fifth season.


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