A Big Thank You To All Fans Of DAA and Tokio Hotel!
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Tuesday 11th of March 2014 04:39:03 PM

Do you remember the Tokio Hotel contest we organized recently? Here you can see proud winner Carla Procida -wearing her Tokio Hotel for Fashion Against Aids T-shirt.  We sent a DAA book her way and got this nice feedback in return.

 “Hi! So, after having been home for a while and having taken photos of my Tokio Hotel collection with a brand new camera, I finally had the chance to open my long-awaited DAA book, too ! And of course I took pics of it :) I wanted to thank you again for this great prize, I was so excited when I opened it. I looked at it on and on and the photographs contained in it are so beautiful. Of course the one who took my attention the most is the great view of the crowd under the Tour Eiffel tower, taken by Bill & Tom in occasion of the Tokio Hotel show on 14th July 2007. I find it wonderful. And I also took a look at all the artists and designers who took part in the campaign, as shown at the end of the book ! Thank you also for the always present condom in the package x) As enclosure you can find a pic of the book I took and a pic of me holding it :)I also enclosed a pic of a yellow top. While I was taking pics of my TH collection I also remembered that I had actually bought another piece of the Designers Against AIDS campaign, it is a yellow top with ‘’Safe Ride Only’’ written on it and if I remember well, it should be from the 2010 campaign. I was in Amsterdam when I bought it :) However, I hope you find my pics good and that you appreciate the description of my excitement ! Thank you again, very very much.”

No, thank YOU Carla –and all other DAA lovers - for your ongoing support and love!  You guys are the reason we keep believing! And remember: Safe sex all the way!
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