A DAA session with student organization AIESEC in sunny Brussels
Author: Ninette Murk
Wednesday 6th of April 2011 11:04:33 PM

What a beautiful day it was in Brussels! A group of members of student organization AIESEC at the Free University in Brussels organized an entire day to raise HIV/AIDS awareness among their fellow students. Can you put a condom on in the dark? And do you know how difficult it is to put on a condom when you`re drunk? Well, the AIESEC team had all of this covered: they set up a booth where students were challenged to do those things. They even had an Easter bunny hopping around handing out condoms and flyers to students relaxing in the sun. It was a great success! Afterwards we sat together for a DAA session. As we decided that the classroom was way too hot to think clearly, we chose to sit outside on one of the little hills (I really loved the university garden!). It was great to have the opportunity to share the DAA methods with these students, to talk about our work and to discuss future possibilities. Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm!

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