A Firm YES To The Female Condom
Author: Evelien Peeters
Friday 4th of March 2016 03:34:08 PM

Today’s blog is all about women, all women everywhere, from every age.

Well it’s not only about women; it’s actually about women and the use of condoms. When you think about condoms, you think about the barrier device for guys, made from latex. But did you actually know about the existence of female condoms? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But to be fair: I don’t have any close friends that use female condoms.

Which brought me to the following simple question: why?

Is it because it is inconvenient, because it’s expensive, because it’s not comfy, because you can’t find them in regular drugstores? Or is it just because we don’t know a lot, let’s even say, nothing about it?

I started wondering what the reason could be and decided to do a little research to get a few facts straight.


Before we can even start talking about the technical details, we need to know what it looks like. Thank heavens for Google images! Basically it just looks like a large male condom, but with a flexible inner ring that will be inserted into the vagina and an outer ring that will hang out of the vagina for about an inch or 2,5 cm. 

Now on to the technical side of this little thing with a big importance. In America it's apparently pretty easy to find a female condom in drugstores. However, in Europe you have to go pharmacist and most of the time you have to order it before you can buy it. That is definitely pretty inconvenient. And I haven’t even said something about the price yet; apparently it’s around 2 euros or more for one female condom. Seriously?! If you know that a package of 12 Durex condoms costs around 8 to 9 euro, then yes, that is expensive. Okay so far, so… not good.

But how do you use that thing exactly? Is it as hard as finding one?

The answer is no, apparently (‘cause I am not speaking from personal experience) it's very easy to use and basically almost the same procedure as inserting a tampon. You have to hold the flexible ring between your fingers and insert it in the vagina and then you put your finger into the condom and just push it further in, like you would do with a tampon. All done!

The female condom has a lot more benefits than the easy use though: besides giving women an opportunity to share responsibility for preventing infections and unwanted pregnancies, they can be used by people who are allergic to latex since it is made from Polyurethane. The external genitals are also more protected, since the outside ring covers them. The female condom can also be brought in hours before sexual intercourse, so it doesn’t interrupt any pleasure.

Well, it seems like the female condom is definitely underrated -and still way to expensive!

I also think that they should discuss these condoms a lot more during sex education, because to my experience, I never even got any information about the female versions of condoms during sex ed. Shouldn’t female and male condoms be given the same attention? I vote YES! What do you think?

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