A Healthy Workout
Author: Elias Bosteels
Wednesday 6th of March 2013 10:22:31 PM


Today I came to the DAA-offices by bike. Yup I'm being healthy, because there is nothing healthier than cycling next to 500 cars in the morning all spewing gasses in your face, using up all the energy you need for the day while you're waiting for every possible red light in the city. 


Then, when you finally arrive at the office you smell terrible and and everything is sweaty. You can't take your sweater off because of the sweat-stains on your shirt and you feel terrible. Not really what I imagined feeling healthy would be like. 


Of course I have tried other methods of getting in shape. I once found one of these belts that gives you rock hard abs in 5 minutes, without doing anything! It allegedly works by sending low voltage electro shocks through your muscles by which the muscles contract and so they get a workout. 

Me being me, I couldn't resist putting it on my face. It felt like being in washing machine. It probably also looked like I was trying to be one. I've never lost so much saliva in my life. Really, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. 


I just got a mail -as I'm writing this,- of a woman telling her story. Presumably she lost about 30 kilo's in 3 months by following the instructions on a website. There are some pictures showing how she was before and how she looks now, next to these pictures there is away too good looking doctor giving me the thumbs up. The transformation is astounding. Even her face is completely different. I never knew eating healthily and exercising daily could make your eye color change, but hey if Doctor Supermodel approves, who am I to say this isn't true. 


Well actually being a real student, studying in the field of healthcare, I know psychology isn't the same and I'm not one to boast but I probably have read more books about the human body in my study than this cheap model. I can tell you, the only good way to lose weight is either going on a good diet or exercise, the best is to do both. And as you would avoid junk food on your diet you should also avoid junk food for the brain like this inconsiderate, money grabbing bullshit.


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