A little bit of nightlife
Author: Ninette Murk
Sunday 19th of June 2011 01:33:38 PM

As weekend came, we had some more time to explore exciting city of Antwerp. With a big market from India going on, another highlight of the saturday included the culinary snack-break on the Groen Platz. Because of the tram strike we had to walk a little bit more that we're used to, but it made local beers in the Kathedraal-cafe taste even better. After a sweet sherry kriek at the Jazzmuze against the rain we listen to a young band and singer Laura Tém at the Buster-podium. Our super fabulous and electrifying end of very late night we spend at the RA 13 party. The "great spirit" of the DJ dressed as a manitou-soldier transformed the glamourous fashion students into a thrilling, varicolored dancing cluster. Antwerp nights are so much fun! Please look at our facebook: Designers against AIDS site, you can write us your thoughts or comment on the blog! Happy sunday!

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