A Positive Olympian
Author: Jean-Yves Dushime
Friday 24th of August 2012 03:05:58 PM

Ji Wallace, an Australian Olympian, recently revealed that he is HIV positive. Ji is an Australian gymnast and trampoline champion, he competed in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney where he won a silver medal for Australia. In 2005 he came out publicly as gay and went on to become the first Australian Gay Games Ambassador. He said: "I have never publicly disclosed this [being HIV+] before but felt inspired by Anderson Cooper's ‘coming out' letter recently, describing ‘value in being seen and heard' in the face of disturbing violence, bullying, persecution and condemnation by peers, colleagues, government officials and -worst of all- family and friends."

Another Olympian who has publicly stated his status is Greg Louganis, an American gold winning diver, who recounted his story of being tested positive in the book "Breaking the Surface", which became a best-seller. The world needs more of these role models, who are positive in both senses of the word.


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