A positive story
Author: Ninette Murk
Friday 18th of February 2011 04:14:54 PM

Today we visited SENSOA. SENSOA is an organization in Antwerp whose mission is to educate people about sexual transmitted diseases and to try to break the taboo around them. HIV/AIDS is a big part of SENSOA. Together with lots volunteers, SENSOA tries not only to prevent the spreading of HIV/AIDS. The organization also tries to be a safety net for people with HIV.

At SENSOA we met Patrick who is HIV-positive since 1985. Patrick told us about his history with the disease and how he experienced the medical evolution since he got infected. He said his greatest regret is that HIV and AIDS have become such a taboo in the last 10 years and he is afraid that this taboo will only cause more people to become infected.

So our mission for the future: not only create awareness but also break the taboo around HIV/AIDS to prevent further spreading!!


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