A Silly Romantic
Author: Dila Amalia
Thursday 18th of June 2015 08:40:31 AM
What is the most romantic thing that a boy has ever done for you? Did he give you a bouquet of flowers, make a song about you or propose to you on a bended knee? Well, as for me, a boy once woke up early in the morning and drove for 40 kilometers just to watch me compete in a horse riding competition. I was so happy !
A 17 year old girl in Kazakhstan experienced romance on a whole new level recently...
She shared her worries about her upcoming Unified National Testing with her boyfriend, Ayan Zhademov (20). The never-ending worries of his girlfriend and the love he has for her, made him decide to 'replace’ her, by taking the test in her place. Ayan wore his girlfriend's white blouse and skirt, a wig and a little make-up -he even tried to speak in a high voice!-, then took the test. Unfortunately he was discovered by his examiners and was fined £1,400 for his actions. 

Love can make us do silly things. And even though what Ayan did for his girlfriend was quiet silly, I also found it very romantic in a way.
It’s good to be silly every now and then- except when it comes to making love: take your and your partner’s safety seriously- always!
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