A Step Out Of My Comfort Zone
Author: Shaini Mehta
Tuesday 4th of March 2014 02:06:10 PM

A new day brings forth a new challenge. My challenge for today that I must battle -well at least 1-2 hours of my day- is to remind myself that I am not writing for school, but rather for a flashy, jazzed up blog. Soooo, here I am, writing this blog and what I realized was that it was not just my writing that had barriers on them, it was everything about me. I have grown up in such a controlled environment, where 1 + 1 = 2 no questions asked, that I keep asking myself: do I know who I am? And, when I say that I am not talking about who everyone expects me to be, but who I want to be?


Just being at Designers Against Aids, in their super artsy castle, plus their 4 cats (this is significant because I really do not like cats) I realized that it is okay to put my Nike Air Max’s on and let my imagination run. No restrictions, no limitations, just me. Shaini.


Even if I do not see myself doing this in the future, I do not think I will ever forget this place, these people, this experience just because it is so different from my regular life that it was the perfect break from school - and how many people can proudly say, yes I have helped the world even if its just by raising awareness for a growing problem – HIV/AIDS. 

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