„Tour de Antwerp“
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Friday 8th of March 2013 03:23:30 PM


Are you interested to know why my legs hurt? I will tell you anyway: yesterday evening, right after dinner, I went out to take a walk, even if it was raining. And guys, you should go out when it rains, because it cleans the air and removes pollution from the air, and… it is good for your skin! I took the tram to Rooseveltplaats and begun my „Tour de Antwerp“ at the main shopping street Meir! There wasn’t so much to see, except for the three people and some cool trousers that I saw in shop windows. After a little look-around on Groenplaats, I headed towards „Buster Podiumcafe“. At first it wasn’t so crowdy, because the Jam Session was about to begin, but around 11 o'clock the place was full of people and the atmosphere in the club heated up. I met a theater teacher named Bob and all of his friends and we had fun until after my last tram was gone. That’s why I had to walk by foot all the way from Groenplaats to Deurne. Yes, you ’ve heard me well. But, hey, when else would I see a colony of rabbits running around on the grass beside the road above the highway? 



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