A… A.. Aaaaaaaan Orgasm: Sexy Science
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Tuesday 14th of January 2014 03:33:45 PM

Orgasms, a well known mystery to mankind. Well, not really. This 2 minute video breaks down the scientific part of orgasms for you. And although it sounds a bit weird that both men and females have anal contractions during orgasms, I do find it very interesting. What did I deduct though?


1)   Whenever in a fight, give your man a blowjob or an orgasm of any kind. Apparently orgasms reduce the aggressiveness.


2)   Let no man ever tell me that multiple orgasms are not possible for a girl. According to this video, it’s you guys that need a break - lasting from minutes to hours- before another round. Women however should be ready to go (come?) again in an instant.


3)   An orgasm reduces self evaluation, reason and control. I won’t say much about this, but a lot is becoming clear to me. So this is why we can have very dirty thoughts right before an orgasm? And why muscles start tensing up?)


4)   Lovely old dopamine takes part in this process. It’s the reason you crave for more orgasms. Sounds a bit druglike, doesn’t it?


5)   Aha! And there’s actually a hormone that increases ‘love and bonding’! I feel some love potions coming on here…



Oh and what's not mentioned in this lovely animated video is the fact that orgasms are just as good with a condom.

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