Aline Goes DAA
Author: Aline Elsermans
Tuesday 7th of April 2015 01:24:55 PM

Today my adventure at Designers against Aids begins! I'm Aline Elsermans and I am the new intern. I'm a commercial communication student at Artesis Plantijn University and I'm 22 years old. 

I love fashion, so I looked for an internship where I could combine advertising, communication, PR and social media with fashion. I know DAA already for a long time: I first saw DAA  when they launched a collection at H&M and I loved it right away. Later I did a presentation in my first year of University about Designers against Aids and when I had to find a place to do my internship, I immediately asked my university if I could do it at Designers against Aids. When they approved it I sent an email to Ninette and explained why I wanted to work at DAA and a few weeks later I was invited for an interview. When I heard that I could start at DAA, I was thrilled.

For me Designers against Aids is the perfect internship, because I can inform people in a creative way about subjects that people would rather not like to talk about and in this way I can raise awareness about these subjects. Besides that, I like working in an open environment where the intern can have ideas and be creative. I really looked forward to this day, because I already have a lot of ideas and I can't wait to present them and work them out. I think this will become my second home during the next two months. I wish you all a lovely day and you will hear from me again soon!


DAA kisses and hugs



PS The DAA Festival T-shirt that I'm wearing was customized by NACO Paris 

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