Alpha Men And Power Tools
Author: Indra Moonen
Tuesday 12th of February 2013 05:02:34 PM


Today was a day filled with stress. On Friday and Saturday we will go to a huge musical event in Brussels where we are going to promote the work of Designers against AIDS.

To keep a bit of the suspense alive I will not reveal what we are going to do, but pictures will be shown later.

Anyway, we had to go to a do-it-yourself shop called "Brico". We went there for three things: paint aerosol, markers, and some left-over cardboard boxes. As I come to the internship by car this week, I've been launched as the 'drive-around-the-country-and-pick-up-everything' guy. Yes that is my official title now.


All this aside, while we were in the shop looking for those three small items I realized we were surrounded by, as we call it, "alpha men". You know what I mean, the real men. Men who rather fight than talk, men who never cook except when it's a barbeque, men who can explain the workings of the new Diesel motor but can't repair their own trousers, men who can never keep their voice down even when they're at the movies, men who are as excited by their new power tool as by their own wife... MEN.

As I walked through this big man-paradise I realized something: I knew where I was going. Usually I never find my way around anything. Even when I'm in a tiny grocery store I take ten minutes to find the sugar while I make sure that at least one item falls to the ground. But here, here I knew where I was going. Was I becoming one of these power-tool obsessed creatures? Will I also go into this reversed evolutionary state where my only interests will be hunting, sex and power tools?


Find out in my next blog-entry (if I still know how to write by then, that is).




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