An Internship With The Tender Smell Of Lavender
Author: Eliška Portužáková
Tuesday 26th of August 2014 02:45:11 PM

In the minds of a lot of people, internships connected with preparing coffee and going to the post office. Day by day by day, until the internship is over. An internship at DAA is not about doing the same work every day and when I applied for this EVS I had no idea that I was going to do such a variety of tasks. Yesterday I was taking pictures for our charity shop the whole morning and in the afternoon on my To Do list it said: Iron the wedding dress. I don't need to highlight that some of the tasks I like more than others, right?

I' m typing this post with my fingers smelling of lavender - actually, everything in our office has the fragrance of this lovely flower right now. This morning we received big package of lavender in the mail and because we want all the clothes in our charity shop to smell heavenly, I'm filling small lavender sachets right now. Later this afternoon I am going to sew some small lavender bags from leftover textile fabrics, probably. Who could expect that during my internship I will even upgrade my sewing skills!? It's not just about the office work. It's not. But then, what did I expect from a NGO called Designers against AIDS ;-) ?...


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