...And Suddenly Air/Port Cheers You Up
Author: M. G.
Thursday 20th of June 2013 02:08:41 PM

My awaking today was normal, bittersweet. Why to love this day? No idea, it's just a normal day as many others, just try to be positive, no matter what the several reasons to hate this day though... which ones? Well, it's cloudy - AGAIN, yes! Today, the 20th June - or I need to sleep longer since yesterday I came back home late. Then I checked my Facebook during my coffee time and suddenly, ta- da!, my "sweet morning, Matteo!" moment! I saw that my beloved flags I designed for Air/Port are now waving in Morocco - what's Air/Port? Do you mean the new international project by Beauty Without Irony?



The flags arrived last week here in Deurne, seven of them, and I must say I was so proud of myself since they were my very first project that was ever realized. But now that Ninette and Jean-Yves brought them in Morocco, they are going to be visible to many people in a far country. This sensation is pretty amazing. Especially because one of them is exhibit in the airport of Essaouira, right below the image of the king of Morocco - Hi his majesty, I'm Matteo, it's so nice to meet you! When I arrived in Antwerp I was sure I was about to live an incredible experience but I didn't know I would have had such some satisfactions. Especially because I know that I'm not doing this just for myself, I'm working hard for a project that is really going to help, in their real life, many young people in Morocco. I know that this is just the right thing to do, and this is why this sensation feels so special.




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