And The Stronger Sex Are …
Author: Indra Moonen
Friday 22nd of February 2013 11:11:33 AM

Women! Obviously. 

As you all might have seen, Elias posted his sexy picture yesterday to get more views on his blog than me. I already said that a picture has nothing to do with the views and now there’s proof! But off course the competition isn’t over yet. And because I’m such a nice opponent: here’s the link to his blog, that way he’ll get even more views.

Later on today we are going to do a game in the center of Antwerp, so our new volunteer Branislava can get to know the city a bit better.  The game is called ‘Where's Wally?’ At the end of the game we’ll have seen a lot of places in Antwerp en we will have found our ‘Wally’ who is someone we don’t know yet. Our boys Elias and Matteo want to compete against the girls (Branislava and me). At this point they are positive that they are going to win and I’m letting them believe this for now. But we all know who are going to be the real winners… 

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