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Author: M. G.
Monday 21st of October 2013 12:01:21 PM

Last Friday the DAA team was invited to attend the closing event of the ‘Fashion in Antwerp' blog trip, a project by the City of Antwerp that involved 25 fashion bloggers from different countries all over the world. They were invited to take a trip to Antwerp to discover as much as possible about fashion in this amazing city.



The final event of this trip was hosted at the Black and Light Studio, where designers from the Antwerp Fashion Academy presented their latest collections - Minju Kim, finalist of the H&M Design Award, was also there with her new collection for H&M. The bloggers could have a look at the clothes, create outfits, have their hair and make up done and have their picture taken at a photo shoot by Belmodo TV. Pretty amazing. They could also have a conversation with Ninette, Jean-Yves, Gladys and me, because we were there too, wearing our DAA designer-customized clothes, to spread awareness in a different context than the usual.



You know, this is not the typical setting where you get talking about safe sex and HIV is not the most common conversation topic at fashion events. That's why we found it an awesome idea to go there and talk about what nobody would have expected. And people's reactions were actually pretty good! Both the young designers and bloggers were extremely interested in hearing about DAA's work and also about what the HIV situation is nowadays in Belgium (tip: it's not good) and they all understand the importance of the work we're doing- often with the help of fashion designers and models!



Me and Gladys really had a good time, the wine was awesome, the food too and the people just amazing. It was my first time at this kind of event and I must say that I was feeling the pressure at the very beginning but later on the atmosphere was so happy and relaxed that I just forgot about my natural shyness and I started having fun like everybody else.

My trip in Antwerp already started 10 months ago, but that does not mean that this city isn't still able to surprise me, as it did with all the bloggers we met. This Friday evening is one of the memories from Antwerp I am sure I am going to keep forever. Thank you ‘A'!














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