Antwerp Pride here we come
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 7th of June 2010 02:58:57 PM

On Tuesday we, the students and Steffi from DAA, went to ‘Het Roze Huis' in Antwerp,where we got more information on how they work, and what they do. ‘Het Roze Huis' (which means The Pink House) is an organization that fights for the rights of homosexuals. They do tons of activities and the organization is huge. Under its roof more than 30 LGBT organizations and more than 100 volunteers, who all together play a significant role in Antwerp society, as they thrive for a widespread acceptance of homosexuality and transsexuality in the province of Antwerp.


We were given a guided tour around their building, where we saw the holebib (gay and lesbian themed library), the function rooms they rent out (and use themselves for all sorts of activities), we were told about all the other organizations they work with. All very exciting!


And of course, we were told about Antwerp Pride. Antwerp Pride is a citywide gay & lesbian event. It holds numerous parties, sports events, exhibitions and cultural fairs. 

It's goal is to promote Antwerp as gay(friendly) capital, to unite groups of people who sometimes compete with one another, but who now join forces to make this a true ‘happy gay happening'.


We found out about all the parties and receptions and activities going on around Antwerp during the Pride Week. ‘Het Roze Huis' will organize and host the official Antwerp Pride Opening Party on the 24th of June 2010. We will dance into the four day event ‘Antwerp Pride' with an open air party, live performances and dj's underneath the railway bridge on Draakplaats. And of course DAA will attend this party as well. We'll have a booth during the event to promote DAA, IHAEC and Safe Sex!


We talked to Joke Weckesser, the coordinator of ‘Het Roze Huis' and discussed our concept ( LOVE=CARE=SAFETY) with her. We used this concept for our booth at Mano Mundo but at this event we're dealing with a different target group. We will need to make some minor changes, but love=care=safety will still be our main message!


Afterwards, we had a drink in Café De Draak. Cheers!


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