"Serial Matteo"
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Thursday 14th of March 2013 04:49:21 PM

Sorry you haven ’t heard from me earliar today! I was busy writing an article about banned Durex XXL condom commercials (check it out if you haven’t already), so I'm sure you will understand me.

Yesterday was our weekly „Movie night“ at Ayke’s place and we were watching the movie that Matteo recommended. The name of the movie is „Serial mum“ and Matteo is mad about it, especially about the main character, which makes him „Serial Matteo“. Indra, him and me had to leave earlier, to catch the last tram, or at least that was the plan. You can guess the rest- we took the taxi home, because we were to tired to walk. Before we actually took the cab, for some time we were just standing at the tram station, pretending that the tram would come.  And in that moment I realised that I am in love with tram number 10.  I realised that, because I love when I see it looming from the distance and I feel as thrilled as people in love. But apparently it doesn’t feel quite the same, because it’s never there when I need it. Just for now of course, because I will make the machine love me one day soon. Now, I will tell you who I am really in love with. His name is Marko...

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