Attacking Postmen And Fights On Trams
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Tuesday 5th of February 2013 01:44:28 PM

I had great night's sleep this time. Woke up and thought "I am ready for the day".

But at that ignorant moment I had no idea what that day would bring. As I walked out of the door as happy and relaxed as I could be, rejoicing about the day to come with my friends all working together, I ran into the postman who was standing at the door trying to fit a large package in the postbox. I can only imagine what it must have been for him, grabbing a package out of his bag and thinking "this is never going to fit". Still he tries because he doesn't want to ring the doorbell. Suddenly the door opens and a fat young man wearing a wool sweater runs at him. While he was stunned by the surprise the soft belly of the assailant hit him the face and pushed him back on the street.I can't really tell if he was angry I think he was more surprised and didn't have a clue about what just happened. Anyway after I took the package and put it inside the postman was already gone so I avoided an embarassing re-encounter.

When I got on the tram, of course totally soaked, I sat down looking for Indra. Indra is a girl who works with me and often takes the same tram, but today she didn't, lucky her.

I sat down making calculations about what time it was, how long I had to sit on the tram and if Indra would come late because she wasn't here.While my mind drifted off, I think I was sailing for a while, I was shocked back to reality because of a loud female voice.

She was calling her boyfriend and yelling in Flemish. She yelled: "Don't hang up, don't hang up, It's all your fault."I rolled my eyes and tried to filter out the annoying sound but the more I tried to, the louder she became.To keep my mind off of it I counted up the minutes I had stay on the tram. 2 'till the next stop, another 3 for the one after that and then finally 4, because it always gets stuck in front of a red light. "9 minutes and it's all over, then I can enjoy the short and silent walk to the office". But fate slapped me in the face once again: the tram got stuck. It was like the woman was yapping in my ear about the fact that her boyfriend wasn't studying. If all that wasn't enough, the joy of my beloved silent walk to the office was kind of reduced by the fact that I had to walk thrue a blizzard of hail, wind and mud continuesly streaming my face which suddenly stopped as soon as I walked in the door.

I will never understand how it's possible for some people to have enough energy to fight with each other, in the morning, on the phone, in a tram full of people who try to wake up slowly and comfortably.

But one thing is for sure, as this is the third week of my internship I have never been more happy to start working at this amazing place than today.

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