Auf Wiedersehen IHAEC!!
Author: Darja Gontscharov
Friday 22nd of June 2012 03:14:07 PM

Today is my last day here at IHAEC. I'm a bit sad, because I will be leaving a beautiful house, new friends and Antwerp. It was an amazing time here, with a lot of fun, work and new experiences. I´ve got a chance to be a part of a unique project during my stay. It was amazing to see how an idea can be realized in a very economical and creative way. It´s good to know, that you can achieve a lot, if you are honest, believe in your idea and just talk to people. I think this is what I learned the most here at IHAEC through DAA. And I learned, that charity and fashion can be combined very succesfully, that people love to do something for others and themselves at the same time and this is much more productive, then a usual campaign. I will use this knowledge for my own work. A big THANK YOU for the chance to show my collection in such a big event like Fashion for Life. It was the perfect event for my debut. So a huge THANK YOU to everybody from the DAA-Team. I will never forget you and this time. I will miss you guys and I´m sure we will see each other again, in Antwerp or even in Dusseldorf, or somewhere else in the world. My door is open for you.

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