Back “Home” After Air/Port
Author: M. G.
Thursday 18th of July 2013 12:11:56 PM

After 18 days, my mission in Essaouira is over and yesterday afternoon I was at DAA HQ again! Wow, it was so strange to come back, as always happens when you are away from home for some time. It is really strange because of the huge difference between Antwerp and Essaouira and also because so many things had happened during my stay in Morocco. I noticed that I have just called Antwerp “home” and this is another thing that was not so obvious 20 days ago.




By the way, Air/Port 2013 in Essaouira is an amazing project. And it came out as a pretty big project, especially if you consider that our team was mainly composed by just by 4 people – including me. The flags are waving, the eleven (!) venues of the exhibition are open and now the tourists and art lovers have to do the rest. We will keep everything in order – yesterday some flags needed to be unwrapped around the lamp posts since the wind sometimes is a bit too crazy. Plus a lot of events are coming up, so that the summer in Essaouira can be an even more amazing season thanks to Air/Port project, of which all we are so so SO proud! If you have a chance to visit Essaouira before September 5, don't hesitate! And please like our Facebook page 'Air/Port 2013 in Essaouira, Morocco' where you can read more about our project (culminating in a charity auction benefitting a local HIV/AIDS organization in Essaouira) and see amazing photos and videos. Thank you for your support!





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