Back with exciting news!!!!
Author: Jean-Yves Dushime
Tuesday 7th of May 2013 08:33:03 AM


Another beautiful day in Bali, another great day of workshops. You might have missed me over the last two weeks, I was busy with my colleagues at KISARA preparing for our 19th anniversary, but I am back with great news!!!!!!!

First our Bali Against AIDS blog is now live. So you can visit us at: and keep up with all our news and activities, so make sure you visit us everyday.

Second we are preparing an exciting event to launch the website and do our first campaign for young people here in Bali. To make sure we attract as many young people as we can, we are inviting a local pop star, who is very loved here. Yesterday I called his manager and organized a meeting for tonight. And yes, we are meeting him tonight, we are meeting Nanoe Biroe! A Balinese pop and rock star... I am excited!!!Check out our blog tomorrow to see how it went.


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