Bad, bad orientation...
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Friday 17th of May 2013 05:35:03 PM


Here I am, sitting in the living room, in my work place, drinking tea and thinking about my  blog entry... There are a few events that I could write about, but  it seems like the most interesting one happened this afternoon. I had the pleasure of taking our lovely new addition ‘Mrs. Katinka’  - who will be our trophy of tomorrow’s Gay Pride in Brussel – for some shoe shopping to complete her outfit.  We will of course keep you up to date on the events, but for now I want to explain the bizarre situation that occurred. After we finished the shopping, we headed towards the tram station and along the way Katinka asked: „It that the right tram station?“ I replied: „Yes, don’t worry“, so we sat and waited…

Than the bus we needed, passed and without thinking we got on it. When the bus went another direction, I was confused but not for a second did I consider the fact that it was my fault, I mean: it was obvious the town got turned upside down.  I had  admit after a while though that it WAS the wrong direction and that I might have something to do with that. I guess it was the typical ‘shopping disorientation’. You know, when you walk in and out shops all afternoon , you kind of forget which direction you’re coming from. Anyway, that happened a lot today. But at the end we had a lot of fun and our mission was completed. I hope we see you tomorrow so you can enjoy a nice day at the Gay Pride with us! 


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