Ban My Spot And I’ll Be Famous
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 8th of April 2014 10:48:57 AM

One of the fun things of writing about HIV prevention is that you become an expert of banned TV spots: these ads are often about condoms and, as a consequence, they show scenes of sex. Some brands want to give only a shaded hint, others decide to go for the 'in your face' approach. The whole point is that marketing people know that a ban from TV can be more a blessing than a curse, because it's like receiving a free spot for your own spot.

For instance, we already talked about an ad by Four Season Condoms that, after being banned from Australian TV channels, received more than 7 millions hits on YouTube.

Well, now YouTube is giving shelter to another spot for condoms, outcast from the main media channels, that already received millions of hits after being uploaded just a month ago. Not surprising at all. The spot is by Lifestyle Condoms and is about sex and noise isolation. What I mean with that? Just watch the video and have a laugh!


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