Being The 'Big Boss'
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Wednesday 22nd of May 2013 04:37:14 PM


Since our students have been updating the blog quite regularly, it’s about time I tell you guys my side of the story.  Since our lovely founder Ninette and project manager Jean-Yves are working their asses off in Bali – with a lot of wonderful results as you can see on our website – I have been in charge of ‘the house’ and ‘Team DAA in Deurne’. And I can say with every fibre of my soul, respect to Ninette for doing it non-stop!  I have never been a super organized person, but since this month my agenda is updated regularly, my desk is filled with post-its of ‘to do’s’… This is a whole new life for me! And let’s not forget the regular Romeo-Julia scenes where Matteo or Branislava stand downstairs yelling ‘Aykeeeee’ so I would show up on the balcony (here at the bureau as you can see in the picture) to answer all their questions. But of course I have to say I love them dearly and I want to thank them for their hard work under my ‘strong regime’ – Just kidding of course, I am a happy person (with just a stress crisis once in a while. Ahum) -        And I also want to thank them for their exceptional cooking skills, since I absolutely fail at making dinner, but I did get good at making salads though. I have learned a lot this month, like how to fix the internet connection –because life without internet at DAA results in everyone in panic and walking around aimlessly - , how to do regular head counts on the four cats in the house and how to lure in the cats when they DON’T seem to be in the house, how to check my e-mails every five minute and how to solve problems – since I can’t wink my pretty eyes at Jean-Yves right now to help me out when I need some peptalk or good advice – But all by all, I had/am having an amazing time and it has been an opportunity for me to learn about myself, my capabilities  and to realize that yes, I do miss the rest of the ‘DAA family’  so I’m already looking forward to they are coming back.

Enjoy the last rays of sunshine there though, because Belgium, you have some shitty weather! 


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