Blue Balls Blues
Author: Indra Moonen
Thursday 21st of March 2013 11:38:27 AM


I would like you to meet: Rusty and Vern, 2 blue ball puppets who want to encourage us to have safe sex. The spot got produced by T2 Studios in Kansas City. Rusty and Vern sing a really funny and entertaining song about a guy who thinks he’ll get lucky with a foxy lady. Unfortunately he forgot to bring a condom and therefore he will have to spend the night with the blue balls blues.


Rusty and Vern want to make sure that no one ends up with the blue balls blues, that’s why they say you should always bring protection. My favorite line of the song is: ‘So do us boys a favor, quit that unsafe behaviour. Don’t ever take her for granted, showing up empty handed.’  This line is informative, humorous and supportive for women, that’s why I really like this part of the song.


We love this safe sex video and we think you will love it too, so boys, enjoy this lovely song but don’t forget to listen to the message!


Check it out:


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