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Author: Ayke Gubbels
Sunday 11th of March 2012 05:34:07 PM

Hi! My name is Ayke and I’m the latest intern at DAA. I am a last year student of applied psychology. For my thesis I’m doing research concerning Designers Against AIDS, so I’ve known them for a while now, but they keep amazing me. As one of the first jobs here, I’ve been Googling Designers Against AIDS to complete the online publication archive of all the fun publications that are put online.  There are tons of articles out there, and most of them simply describe how they love the work and ideas behind Designers Against AIDS and of course, how they love the fashion. And they’re not the only one who love the clothes - I do too! Yesterday I spent my afternoon encircled by boxes of clothes in the archive, looking for materials for an exhibition in september "Textiles with a message". Exciting times!




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