Bring On The Weekend
Author: Saleta A. I.
Friday 17th of October 2014 04:10:12 PM

We spent this week in the DAA headquarters looking for ideas to make new promos and videos; we had funny moments and some hick-ups along the way, but we are enjoying the work a lot. Today we are so excited because it's Friday and we are planning to travel around Belgium this weekend. Some of us are thinking about starting to use dating apps, as we talk about in a previous post in this blog. Maybe in the near future you can see post based on a real app dating experience here! If I had to choose, I would prefer an app that would put me in contact with someone based on our Facebook interests, because I have selected all my favorite movies, books and bands on my profile and I would expect to have the same concerns and a lot to talk about with this person. If you are using some of these apps, I encourage you to tell us about your experiences on our DAA Facebook page. Have a nice and safe sex weekend and see you on Monday!


Photo by Maria Tasula.

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