Castles And Dragons
Author: Elias Bosteels
Thursday 14th of March 2013 12:19:15 PM


The snow melts before our eyes, the sun warms our faces, I'm sipping my cup of coffee and sitting on a comfortable chair I reminis about my internship.


Tomorrow is my last day here at DAA and as you might remember the big final of the sexy competition will be fought then, so I will say my goodbyes to you now. To do this and make it a little bit more interesting, I will tell the story of my internship a bit differently. 


There once was poor peasant boy who lived in a big city. A city that had strayed from the commodities of being nice to each other, this was because a dragon ruled over the city. The dragon demanded everyone to be better than they were, they had to work harder than they could and belong to a certain group of people, otherwise they would be cast out and everyone was obligated to always seem happy, even if they weren't. Soon the people in the big city stopped living, they were sleepwalking throughout their lives whithout really experiencing life. 


The young peasant boy, Lieas, was ordered by the dragon to go to a castle named DAA in the far away land of Deurne. There he would have to work and after eight weeks the dragon would look at what he accomplished and judge the fate of the young peasant. 

But there was a secret the dragon didn't know about, the castle where he sent Lieas wasn't a normal castle that followed the rules of the dragon. 


So Lieas went to the castle not really knowing what to expect and because he wasn't a very confident peasant he also was scared. When he got to the gate he quickly was invited inside and given a warm welcome, in this city a warm welcome was something not really to be expected in a castle, especially not from the king and queen, and their jester Jyves. 


As from the second day he was invited to take place on the oval table of the castle with the princess and the other knights. Soon he was part of the group and became a knight too. Although he was a clumsy and moody one he became a part of the group. Together with the other knights the righteous king and queen send them on many adventures to defeat the terrible monster called AIDS. They went into dark and terrifying places like the land of the Pias nights. Once they also had a competition which Lieas and Eattom, the two male knights, won. 


After the eight weeks Lieas had to go back to report to the dragon. But as anyone knows dragons live on fear and as long they are feared the will live forever. But Lieas wasn't afraid anymore, he walked with his head held high, looking the dragon straight in the eyes and told him "Thank you, for sending me to the castle of DAA. Because of them I will never fear you again!"


Lieas will always be thankful for teaching him all he learned at the castle and he will never forget the kindness of the king, the queen, the princess, the jester, Eattom, Bana, Ardin and you. Because if you read this, you are a knight who fights the monster too.


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