Celebration for Gay HIV Awareness
Author: M. G.
Thursday 26th of September 2013 03:45:50 PM

Tomorrow September 27 U.S. celebrates the Gay Men's Awareness Day. It is a day to spread awareness not only about the HIV/AIDS matters but also about the relation between the gay community and the development of the epidemic.

The first diagnoses ever were five gay men in the United States and the number of gay people contracting the virus every year is generally higher than in the other gender groups. Yet, lesbians and homosexuals have constantly been at the forefront of fighting the disease with their contribution in providing services, helping in shaping research agendas and playing a relevant role in the spread of awareness. Therefore this celebration practically aims to promote awareness especially about gay individuals' HIV status and HIV testing.

The National Gay Men's Awareness Day in 2008 was launched by the National Association of People with AIDS, an organization that does not exist anymore after financial problems - sad story. Still, this commemoration day was still kept in life by other HIV and LGBT organizations in the nation.

There is a slogan about being gay I really like, it is "It takes balls to be a fairy". Yes, it really does, especially because all the efforts done in some countries in order to ignore or cancel these communities. I can safely say that their efforts will not get results, being gay is something just natural as being straight, it just happens. And everyone knows - or should know - that gay people have existed throughout time and they will keep existing, just like heterosexuals. So how about we celebrate together tomorrow and every other day? Be proud of who you are and take care. So get tested!


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