Chocolates & Red Lights
Author: merve özcangaz
Wednesday 2nd of April 2014 11:37:03 AM
I think if you are a foreign volunteer like me, loving the city that you live is as important as loving where you work. Everybody knows that I love working and living in DAA HQ, but what about Antwerp? Today I will write about being a volunteer in Antwerp. This city is like a huge chocolate shop. It smells of cocoa everywhere. Chocowerpen! If you are a chocolate addicted like me, you will enjoy this city a lot. I'm sure that you will have new best friends called “Leonidas”, “Godiva” and “Neuhaus”. I recommend you to visit The Chocolate Line Shop on the big shopping street Meir in order to watch the chocolate maker at work. For me, Antwerp is also famous because of its "red lights”. This red light is not a district like the one in Amsterdam -although they have a similar place here called Schipperstraat-, no, the one I'm talking about is not that. Yes... I am talking about traffic lights. Oh God, such a long duration for a single red light. It takes ages to wait. Especially when you need to catch a bus! If you're coming from a city like mine, a bit chaotic, it's so hard to adapt to new traffic rules. Antwerp is an extremely multicultural city. There are not just tourists but also citizens from all over the world. You can see many authentic shops and hear many different languages in the streets. The biggest benefit of this multicultural environment is that everybody speaks English. You know that I am pathetic in Flemish and because of that I love this tourist-friendly city. On the other hand, I am not a fan of the fact that the shops close so early around 7 PM. I have a problem with scheduling my day according to that. Every time I get late, I get so depressed. Although the shops close early, the public transportation almost never stops. DAA HQ is very close to tram and bus stops, so it's easy to travel in Antwerp. In brief, I am so happy to live in Antwerp which is an easy, enjoyable and peaceful city. Why don’t you come, live and work with us too? See you!
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