Clean House!!
Author: Ninette Murk
Thursday 3rd of March 2011 07:49:02 PM

You think you collect a lot of stuff over 10 years? Wait till you have your own company and especially an NGO that designs clothes, gadgets, posters, flyers, ... to create HIV/AIDS awareness.
Since Designers Against Aids moved to Deurne in December 10 years of DAA has been packed up in boxes and just put into shelves. Time to clean house!! Over the past few weeks we've been digging through boxes, found some really cool custom designed clothes by different artists and were amazed by the many DAA collections. Today, on our last full day at the center, we are very proud to present to you the new and improved DAA stock and archive.

And yes.... there is plenty of room for another 10 year to come!!!



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