Clizia's Goodbye
Author: Ilana Cooper
Tuesday 8th of November 2011 06:03:50 PM


The past two months at DAA were two months of hard work, but they were also two months of self growth. It was the first time I had been involved in a project promoting a social cause and it will definitely not be the last. For a fashion student about to enter the workforce, I was exposed to things I wouldn't have even considered in my design process had I not volunteered at DAA. I learnt how to integrate my new found understanding of HIV and AIDS into my designs and therefore communicate something entirely different.

The work environment was not the only great thing about these past months. I'm very glad to have met some great people like Ninette, Peke, Alexandra, Ven and Abelone. We built a working relationship but also a personal one, almost like a real family.

I learned to relate to group work but also to manage individual tasks, assuming responsibility and developing time management skills.


In short, it was such a positive experience for me that I have decided to return to Antwerp and look for a fashion internship.

See you soon!

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