Author: Indra Moonen
Thursday 7th of February 2013 11:35:07 AM


We all have that one friend that’s always bumping into things and asks silly questions. I’m afraid I’m one of them. Today is another one of those days: when I got out of bed I walked into my bathroom door (hello brutal awakening). On my way to the tram I had to run from a crane that suddenly started to move (hello way too amused street workers). One minute later I almost got hit by a car, I don’t know if it was the drivers fault or mine but let’s pretend it was the drivers (hello mini heart attack). When I finally arrived at the tram I realized that I was way too early (hello waiting in the cold). After 14 minutes of waiting I got on the tram were I lost my balance and fell on a sweet old lady (hello minutes of apologizing).

Eventually I arrived at the DAA house and I was already thinking of the coffee machine that never seems to work when I want coffee, so I was sure that on a day like this I would let it explode or something. But miraculously, for the first time ever, it made my coffee! Now I’m sitting behind my laptop, with my coffee, hoping that my clumsiness of today is over. Especially because I’m planning on having a nice, clumsy-free evening with some friends from Limburg who are coming over.

But a little warning to the other DAA workers: be careful when you’re walking close to me! 


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