Coca-Cola, You're Missing Something
Author: Niki Kro
Tuesday 18th of December 2012 02:53:20 PM

For sure you know the worldwide popular Coca Cola TV spot with Santa and the trucks. It doesn't work for me. Why? Well, for me and many other people, especially from Catholic regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland there's the "Christkind", who is bringing the presents on Christmas Eve, instead of Santa Claus. Nobody ever sees him or her, but according to belief it is a small child with blond curls, wings and a halo. This tradition is deeply rooted because there are extra Christkind-specialised post offices and instead of calling our Christmas markets "Weihnachtsmarkt" (which they say in the Protestant regions), we say "Christkindlmarkt". The most famous one is in Nürnberg which - of course - is opened each year by the Christkind herself, played by a young woman. So please Coca-Cola, avoid showing this commercial in these regions. It got me really confused when I was younger.


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