Conchita Will Rise Like Phoenix
Author: Mirela Cosic
Tuesday 29th of April 2014 10:42:50 AM

Have you guys met Austrian drag Queen Conchita Wurst? I have to tell you this person is pretty amazing and has a great voice. Conchita is also known as Thomas Neuwirth, who actually took part in a talent show called ‘Starmania’ back in 2006. After that he was in a boy band for a while, but that ended very soon. Thomas came back into the spotlight in 2011 as Conchita Wurst. The reason why Conchita is so popular is not just because of her voice, but also because she is the woman with the beard.  In 2012 Thomas entered the Eurovision song festival as Conchita and sang ‘That’s what I am’. After that Conchita continued to exist: performing national and international at events such as the Gay Pride of Stockholm and Berlin. Now Conchita will be singing ‘Rise like a Phoenix’ at the 2014 Eurovision song festival. Pretty cool if you ask me. Thomas/Conchita is achieving a lot at a very you age. You see, everything is possible if you work at it, no matter what. Live your dreams guys! 

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